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Designer Plumbing Fixture Showroom

If you decide to hire Jetco you will enjoy the exclusive use of our showroom.

When you visit the Jetco Showroom you will have the opportunity to work with our fixture selection specialists who are well versed in fixture availability and construction techniques.

You will work with the most experienced staff, able to guide builders and their clients through plumbing and radiant heating selections.

We work by appointment only so your visit is productive, uninterrupted and informative.

Contact us to book an appointment.

· The largest selection of fixtures available

· Our radiant heating displays

· Try numerous working displays

· Uninterrupted individual attention

· Prearranged guided appointments to wholesale showrooms to view and specify products not on display in our own showroom

· Numerous new products

· Products to meet any budget

Visit Jetco’s Showroom For:

Text Box: Selecting fixtures and accessories is one of the fun parts of building.  

We look forward to enhancing your experience.

Large selection of products available to meet any budget.

Unlimited bathing options.

The latest in style and design.

Large number of free standing tubs available.

Let us help you create your own oasis at home.

Full line of kitchen selections.

Numerous working displays.

Visit our Showroom

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Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Displays kept current with new products.