Multi-Family/Commercial Maintenance Features

Jetco Mechanical’s Multi-Family & Commercial Maintenance Contracts provide your building with a complete and detailed inspection of all the plumbing, mechanical, and HVAC equipment within your building.

Equipment covered includes, but is not limited to, the following topics below.

    Jetco 24-7 Service and Maintenance

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    Boilers Systems / Mechanical Room Equipment

    • Check boiler set point
    • Check system temperatures and pressure
    • Test pressure relief valve
    • Inspect for leaks
    • Inspect boiler venting
    • Test safeties (flow switch, low water cut off, high limit)
    • Test flame signal
    • Inspect electrical connections
    • Check for noise/vibration
    • Check ignition
    • Check burner flame condition
    • Test for proper drafting
    • Check operation control
    • Inspect chimney and cap
    • Inspect thermocouple
    • Test expansion tank pressure
    • Clean and tear down boiler (as required)

    Hot Water Tanks

    • Check general operation
    • Check hot surface ignitor
    • Flush tank for 5 minutes
    • Temperature set points
    • Check for leaks
    • Inspect flame condition
    • Test T&P valve
    • Inspect wiring
    • Test isolation valves
    • Hot water tank burner clean
    • Drain and Flush Hot Water Tanks

    System Pumps

    • Inspection of operation
    • Check direction of flow
    • Grease Motor (if required)
    • Bleed motor head (if required)
    • Check Voltage
    • Check amp draws
    • Clean suction guide strainers
    • Exercise shut off valves

    Heat Exchangers

    • Check pressure differential
    • Inspect for leaks
    • Inspect / clean strainers

    Make Up Air units / RTUs / AHUs

    • Check general condition of unit
    • Check burn flame condition
    • Inspect / clean heat exchangers (seasonally)
    • Inspect / clean burners (seasonally)
    • Test / inspect damper controls
    • Test High limit
    • Check wiring and all connections
    • Inspect belts and replace as required
    • Check for noise and vibrations
    • Tighten any loose parts
    • Clean cabinet (seasonally)
    • Check supply and return temperatures
    • Check bother and motor pulleys
    • Change filters

    Exhaust Fans

    • Check fan motor
    • Check fan shaft alignment
    • Check blower pulley
    • Lubricate and grease bearings (as required)
    • Inspect belt and replace as required
    • Check back draft dampers

    Sump Pumps

    • Check Operation
    • Check for leaks
    • Check for vibration
    • Inspect cleanliness of pit
    • Sump pit cleaning (vacuum truck)

    Condensing Units

    • Check for any leaks
    • Check wiring and connections
    • Clean condensate drain
    • Brush clean and blow out condenser (seasonally)

    Unit Heats / Force Flow Heaters

    • Inspect general condition of unit
    • Set temperatures and inspect thermostat
    • Check space and piping temperatures
    • Inspect heat exchanger
    • Check for noise and vibration s
    • Check fan motor
    • Inspect and replace filters (if required)

    Back Flow Prevention Devices

    • Inspect DCVA and RP devices for leaks
    • Test devices annually and submit report to EPCOR